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Weather Course

The Weather (Wx) course will furnish basic weather knowledge for safer and more enjoyable boating. The student will learn to make weather predictions based upon observations of the sky, upon barometer and wind information, as well as weather data provided by maps, satellite images and radio and TV broadcasts. Wx 101 and Wx 102 use a USPS supplement manual in concert with The Weather Book from USA Today (second edition, 1997) as the textbook.

Wx 101 - Basic Weather - topics include:

  • Effects of Heat and Cold
  • Wind and Pressure
  • Storms and Fronts
  • Rain, Humidity and Fog
  • Floods, Droughts and Winter Precipitation

Wx 102 - Advanced Weather - topics include:

  • Thunderstorms and Tornados
  • Tropical Weather
  • Atmosphere and Clouds
  • Forecasting
  • Climate

This course has no prerequisites.