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Education is a cornerstone of the United States Power Squadrons. The USPS has developed a series of courses to assist members in obtaining a solid foundation in boating knowledge and safety. The Pensacola Squadron firmly believes in our motto, Safe Boating Through Education. We make every effort to present these courses as often as possible.

The 11 courses are divided into two general categories: Advanced Grade and Elective. Advanced grade courses allow members to advance in grade while elective courses are supplementary in nature. The five advanced courses are: Boat Handling, Marine Navigation, Advanced Marine Navigation, Offshore Navigation and Celestial Navigation. The elective courses are: Cruise Planning, Engine Maintenance, Instructor Development, Marine Electronics, Sail and Weather. Click on the below links for a more complete description of each course.

In addition to advanced grade and elective courses, Seminars are available. These cover a wide range of boating related topics. There are no prerequisites and no fixed order of study. Among some of the titles are in print are: Amateur Radio, Boat Insurance, Compass Adjusting, GPS, How to Fly Flags, Introduction to Sailing, Introduction to Navigational Astronomy, Knots, Bends and Hitches, Plotting and Labeling Standards, Predicted Log Contests, Sight Reduction Methods, Skipper-Saver, USPS Glossary and Water Sports.

Please contact the Squadron Educational Officer for more information on any of these courses.

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Boat Handling Cruise Planning
Marine Navigation Engine Maintenance
Advanced Marine Navigation Instructor Development
Offshore Navigation Marine Electronics
Celestial Navigation Sail